Media transformation / Intercultural Coaching

Clients sometime realise that there is a gap between the product or service of the company and the professional performance of the staff members. Although the media product contains detailed information, it becomes difficult for the client to see the connection between the media product and the company.
It becomes more and more difficult in regard to intercultural aspects.
With the help of an intercultural coach, we focus on the professional performance of the manager in regard to his personal development with the help of the media product.

It is our aim to fill this gap.

Henning Fischer is a Professional Coach for Managers and key staff. He was born in Germany and has worked in many different countries in Europe, South America and Africa in the fields of automotive, logistics, insurance and telecommunication.

As a member of SIIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) he focuses on intercultural management.

He supports the staff members in using their chosen media product and to improve their personal performance in their particular role within the Company.

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