Media Training Camera Crews and full media training packages

The press, radio, television and the internet present enormous opportunities to get your message across to the right audience. If you don't take advantage of them, your rivals probably will.
Media training prepares you to deal with journalists and the media.
We have many years experience of providing media training camera crews and have worked with many journalists
from broadcast and press. We offer dedicated camera crews for media training, who are specially trained to set up for varied media training scenarios to work alongside any Jounalist you may wish to use.
Alternatively we are able to offer you a full package including journalists and full production crew.

Broadcast interviews
Radio interviews
Down-the-line' interviews
Telephone interviews
Doorstep interviews
Press conferences

Included in the price, we supply a professional digital camera, pro tripod, a colour monitor, remote playback device, clip mics, hand held mics, ear piece for 'down the line' interviews, desk stands, camera light, and all the equipment needed to set up the above scenarios.
DVD/ CD Rom Duplication of the Training Session
In addition we can also provide you with a copy of the interview on a professional DVD with menu, or a CD Rom or VHS.
Crisis Training Camera Crews
We also provide crews for crisis training sessions. Furthermore, we can film and produce short mock newsreels, to make the crisis training session as realistic as possible. These can be tailored and scripted according to the scenario you have chosen.

Or, why not let us provide you with a full package including journalists and full production crew.

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